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Creating a cozy book nook: "Shop Your Home!"

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

We purchased our vintage victorian home almost 2 years ago this fall. Ever since, I have been doing DIY projects in virtually every room, sometimes multiple projects at the same time! Our bedroom was one of the last places to get any attention and it felt very sterile as soon as you walked in. My fiance would always say that he felt like he was in a hospital room because of the light-colored walls, light bedding and the fact that the room was absolutely huge! That was it!! I was on a mission to change the way he felt about our bedroom. There was this awkward nook in our bedroom where the previous owner put her clothes dresser but of course, ours never fit. I knew what the room needed- a cozy book nook!


Paint Colors

We had 90's orange-looking oak trim throughout the entire bedroom (if you know what I mean!) I always hated it and would refer to my house as the "Oak House!" This was the first thing that I decided to tackle before the painter came and I used my leftover Zinsser Cover Stain White Oil-Based Interior/Exterior Primer and Sealer to Prime all my baseboards, windows and trim. Just a friendly warning, this stuff smells pretty bad, goes on like glue but it's absolutely amazing and the best primer that I've ever used! It covers all the wood grain on oak too which is a huge plus! I wouldn't use your favorite paint brush when using a primer because you'll have to clean it out with paint thinner which is a complete pain in my opinion, so just use cheap throw away brushes! For the paint, I used Benjamin Moore Advance Interior Paint in the color "White Dove" for all of the trim. I usually use a Purdy XL 1-1/2 in. W Angle Trim Nylon Paint Brush but a 1" brush will work too! I like Nylon because it flexes more so it has more give with the paint if that makes sense. I decided to change the walls to a darker shade, a beautiful blue-green color from Behr Paint called "In the Moment." Below is an example of Behr's 2018 "Color of the Year" and it really changed the look of our room from a sterile hospital to a peaceful hue!


Cozy book nooks must have a cute but cozy chair! I knew I wanted an armchair in either blue, green or blush pink. Pink was instantly shot down so I found a pretty teal-colored armchair from World Market on sale and it got a thumbs-up approval. The ceilings are high so I wanted a large piece of artwork that worked off of my overall color scheme. I found this piece at Pier 1, also on sale! This cute bird tealight candle holder and gorgeous agate coasters are all from Arhaus.

Thrifted & Repurposed

Years ago, I saw this glass side table sitting by the curb in its World Market Box. I asked my neighbor if anything was wrong with it and they said, "No, we just don't have a use for it" so in my house it went! It's crazy what people throw away. I shopped my house and brought up this seersucker striped stool from Pier 1, previously in my living room and this extra floral pillow too! I knew that I wanted either a gold floor lamp or a table lamp that curved. Not wanting to spend much money, I set out to Goodwill and my local resale store. I found this lamp for $6 but the socket was loose and the sconce looked horribly outdated! I bought a new keyless socket and an Edison bulb at Home Depot so now its functional with a vintage flair!

Just a few more tweaks and I'll be done with this space. Eventually, I would like to add some DIY wood bookshelves to the wall and paint them the same color as my walls and change out the rug. I spent under $350 on this book nook by scoring deals and shopping my own home. Hopefully it gives you some ideas to create a cozy book nook in your home too!

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