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Make your own acorn wreath for fall!

I made my own DIY fall wreath this year using natural-looking materials to create it. I decided on an acorn wreath since we have an oak tree! I collected them over several days only picking up ones that weren't rotten. I gathered at least 100! I set out to Hobby Lobby to get a 15' styrofoam wreath form, spanish moss and glue sticks for my hot glue gun. Start by washing the acorns in a strainer with just water and then allow them to dry for at least an hour. Heat your oven to 175-200 degrees for 1.5-2 hours and let them bake. You can crack your oven door so that the acorns don't burn and throw away any that do.

Items you'll need

  • Acorns

  • Styrofoam wreath form (any size you like)

  • Spanish moss

  • Hot glue gun and 10-15 glue sticks

  • Doing small sections at a time, put hot glue on the form attaching the spanish moss by completely covering the section so that you don't see the for.

  • Completely cover the front of the wreath, inside and out with spanish moss. Cut off small clumps of it because it does stick together.

  • Attach your acorns in various patterns all over the wreath. I used full acorns, just the caps and some without the caps. This gave it a more cohesive look. I went through so many hot glue sticks for just the moss, probably at least 7! Plan to buy a lot of glue sticks because I ran out and didn't attach all of my acorns so I'll add more acorns later.

  • Trim off the extra moss that looks straggly that hangs over the sides. It's already dry after this step so you can hang it right away! Have a great Tuesday!

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